Szymon Pustelny


Scientist, entrepreneur, husband, and father


One of the key motivations behind becoming a scientist is curiosity. The world is a fascinating and intricate place, and the pursuit of understanding even a small aspect of it brings me great satisfaction.  It is this curiosity and enjoyment of learning that is the primary of motivation for my research.

I am a scientist working in atomic, optical, and quantum physics at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. I am also a founder and CEO of a company called DM Technologies that specializes in designing and building unique scientific and research equipment.


My scientific interests revolve around interaction of classical and quantum light with quantum atomic systems. I am particularly interested in interaction of the laser light with alkali-metal atoms at presence of  extrenal magnetic fields. For many years, a particular outcome of the research has been the development of optical means of measuring magnetic fields. Optical atomic magnetometers (quantum magnetic-field sensors) that I developed are capable of measuring both static and oscillating fields. Over the years, I have started to use these devices to investigate magnetism of living organisms, to study nuclear magnetic resonance magnetic resonance at zero and ultralow magnetic fields, or to search for ultralight dark matter. I also use nonlinear light-atom interaction to tailor and reconstruct collective quantum states in gases or theoretically investigate interaction of light with ultrarelativistic, highly stripped ions in accelerators.